The best conference venues in London

Conferences are often a platform for people to know about a company, organization or product. When you invite delegates, it is important to be very careful while choosing the place and facilities available for the conference to be successful.
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In London, there are many conference venues developed with various amenities and facilitate your search for high reputation conferences. In addition, it is important to check the location, schedules, accommodation space, subsequent projection and budget for a conference so that all the factors together can help you decide on a suitable place.
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There are some high-tech conferencing sites and others are considered sites of historical events. Among the most important places in the conference in London is the Hilton London Metropole, which is centrally located 10 minutes’ walk from Oxford Street and next to two subway stations. The Grange Holborn Hotel is also another renowned conference center located west of the city.
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You can also find a Marriott London Grosvenor Square, which is in the city center and it seems to be Grosvenor Square at first glance. The hotel is surrounded by many places of interest and places of interest. It offers several facilities among which NCP is one of the dominant ones. NH Harrington Hall is a newly built hotel in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Knightsbridge is easily accessible and, therefore, located in a well-connected and well-transported area.
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Then there is a modern hotel called Millennium Gloucester Hotel, located in the center of Kensington and at the nearby Gloucester subway station. Guoman Charing Cross is another great name on the list of major conference venues in London. Developed in London since 1865, the site also has immense historical significance.
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One Great George Street is located in London and the atmosphere is perfect for any type of conference, meeting or seminar. The conference rooms here are equipped with the latest technology. There is the queen Isabel II Conf. Westminster Center located in the center of London. It is considered to be among the best conference rooms in the world. This conference site has all the existing facilities for your conference to be a huge success.
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The Radisson Blu Portman Square is located in Portman Square, in the West End of London. The hotel is known for having undergone a drastic renovation and today there are five different styles of conference rooms. Business Design Center is a combination of architectural beauty with contemporary design and conference facilities. It is considered to be one of the most facilitated conference rooms that has facilities such as the integral audio, visual and production support essential for an organized conference.
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The Kensington Town Hall is located on Kensington High Street Street. It is located near Heathrow Airport and is easily accessible by local public transport. The Grange St. St. Pauls Hotel is located in St. Paul Paul, in the center of the financial district of the city. The Olympia Conference Center set a new trend in the field of conference rooms, providing the highly demanded services of all modern conferences.
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The Earls Court conference center is located on the Warwick Road in London. The conference rooms here can accommodate up to 500 delegates with a large accommodation space.
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The Grange City Hotel is located near the Tower of London. All the enclosures mentioned are counted as some of the main conference venues that you can find in London fully equipped with modern and state-of-the-art technology. An additional advantage of these sites is that they offer the best services for your conference to be an event of final success.
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Flight information for low-cost airlines

The information on flights from low cost airlines offers details about the cheap flights operated by the different airlines of the world. The economic rates of flight tickets make them popular among travelers with a stipulated budget. Low cost airline information helps you plan your trip in advance and book flights accordingly.
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The flight information of the following low cost airlines in the world is available as follows:

Operated since 1971, Southwest Airlines is one of the most popular airlines offering flights connecting all major parts of the United States. The 64 destinations of flights from Southwest Airlines include Birmingham, Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Albany, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Nashville, Washington DC, etc.

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Volaris is one of the newest airlines operating in Mexico, one of the Discovery Americas I and TACA airlines. The main axis of aerial airplanes is the international airport of Mexico City. Destinations that fly Volaris’ flights include Baja California, Campeche, Aguascalientes, Guerrero, Chiapas, Jalisco, Guanajuato and many others.

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Founded in 1997, Allegiant Air operates scheduled and chartered flights from its Las Vegas hub in Nevada, United States. One of America’s most popular airlines, Allegiant Air flies to destinations such as San Diego, Mesa, San Francisco, Colorado Springs, Santa Maria, Idaho Falls, Orlando, Green Bay, McAllen, Knoxville and others.

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An airline operating from Singapore, Tiger Airways makes regular international flights to various destinations in the world. Flights that operate weekly fluctuate between 3 and 100 flights. Tiger Airways includes India, Australia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

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The information on flights from Low Cost Airlines facilitates the planning of the trip. The numerous low cost airlines of the world, including Southwest Airlines, Volaris, Allegiant Air and Tiger Airways, offer cheap flights to various destinations in the world.

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How to start and run a profitable bounce castle and play an inflatable rental business


The fact of renting rebuffle castles and other inflatable games for children's parties, family events, etc. It's a great home-based business full-time or part-time, and the benefits can be high, as well as the fun element! You own the business and all the teams, you will not have to pay any franchise fees or license fees. For example, the fact of operating only three castles part-time bounces at weekends, at a price of £ 55 (US $ 88) per day per bounce, will bring about £ 330 (US $ 528) over the weekend , or more than £ 1,300 (USD 2,500) per month. . If we assume an expense of about £ 300 (USD 480) per month, this leaves more than $ 1,000 ($ 1,600) of profit! Not bad with just a few hours of work!

Children have birthdays every day of the year. In summer and in the fall, their parents can hire a bounce castle for the garden or the back garden. In winter and spring, parents can hire a community lounge to celebrate the party and host the bounce.

To manage a successful castle rental company, you will not have to give up your full time job, and you will also not need any major capital investment. This article will show newcomers how to start and operate a successful rental business of inflatable and inflatable castles from home and avoid the mistakes that others have made in the past.

1: Research.

When you plan on starting a rebate cast rental business, the first thing to do is look at all local newspapers (classified sections), yellow pages and online. See if there is someone else in your city who makes a bounce castle rental business. If you locate a regular advertiser, do not free yourself; There is still no space for you. In most populations, demand for bouncing castles far exceeds the offer, especially during summer months. You will have a clear idea of ​​the competition in your area. In a very busy area, rival companies often go through the queries and even make reservations to other companies when they are too busy to fulfill the reservation. If you're really lucky, there may be no rivals in your area.

2: Necessary equipment.

Below is a list of teams that you will need to start a bounce cast rental business:

a) Breech castle, covered with rain, electric blower and anchor stake.
b) Ground plate to protect the lower part of the rebound.
c) Power extension cable (25 to 30 meters long).
d) RCD switch. (security cutting device).
e) Safety mat to put in front of the castle.
f) A satellite or a local street map of your city and its surroundings.
g) A4 large newspaper to take reservations (1 page per day).
h) Account book to record dams and expenses, etc.
i) Public liability insurance cover. We recommend a million pounds as a minimum absolute.
j) Safety instructions sheet and customer exclusion form.
k) A car with a sack.

From experience, we recommend that your first bounce castle be 12 meters. (3.6 mx 3.6 m) with a safety step of approximately 1 meter at the front. This size is, by far, the most popular among customers and can be easily manipulated and stored, and installed when it is inflated in most of the back gardens and community rooms.

There are many excellent companies that sell castor castles. Most new bush castles have a one-year warranty, while some manufacturers offer a two-year warranty. Make sure there is a repair kit that is lower than the price of your bounce.

If you buy new ones, make sure that the inflatables have a certificate to indicate that it has been manufactured in the recognized standard that in January 2010 is: BS EN 14960: 2006 (United Kingdom and Europe).

Be very careful when buying used game inflatables, since the seam cover wears out over time and can cause bed bugs. Take with you an experienced person, who knows what to look for.

3: Where to get customers.

Fortunately, children are born every day of the year, so there is virtually endless supply of future customers. Most parents prefer to use the back gardens or the local community room to celebrate the party. In addition to private children & # 39; There are several other places to hire your bounce, such as game groups, nurseries, pubs, hotels, extra-curricular clubs, shopping centers, school events, car shows, shows and galleries, charity events, football clubs, Beards, beach parties, baptismal celebrations, wedding receptions, tennis clubs, hunting groups and hunters, chestnut groups and guides, business promotions, open days, etc.

4: How to get the reservations.

To get your first hires, I recommend you do the following: First, tell everyone who knows who has small children, that you have a good rental castle. Offer to let them rent at a discount, if they are prepared to alert all your friends and family.

Second, you must post an ad to your local newspaper and to your local yellow pages directory. This advertising will attract queries and, as long as your telephone form is educated and useful, you will get the bookings virtually automatically.

You should also consider free registration with Google Maps, so that your potential customers can easily find you when they type in the name of your city and rent the bouncing castle in the Google search engine. (It is very good idea to have a website, but it is not essential to have one, so that your company is on the Google list for free.

Initial consultations will have several forms, most of the people who want to initially know the cost of hiring a bouncing castle, what sizes are available? how many children can you use at the same time? To what age group can you use? When a customer calls, the first question that you should always consider is the date on which the party is? Second, ask what age will the children have? Armed with this information, you can suggest a bounce castle size, 90% of the time will be a 12-foot 12-foot bounce. If the children are very young, that is, between 1 and 4 years, it may be better to suggest a smaller bounce, or even a rebound bouncer (a small semi-closed brick castle full of plastic balls of various colors).

Also inform the client that you can deliver the castle, set it up and pick it up at the end of the party. Tell the customer that it will ring you a couple of days beforehand to confirm the delivery time, etc. This approach helps to develop trust with the client, which should be returned to them the next time.

Always tell the customer that there is a rain cover included in the price.

5: articles and promotional references.

It is very important to take advantage of your first bounce castle reservations. For example, a parent has just rented your bounce castle for your child's birthday party. He just got fifty five kilos more or less. But it does not end here. At this party, there will be parents of other children, and these children will also celebrate anniversaries, so you should promote your company as much as possible. The best way to do this is to deliver A5 size brochures. It is also a good idea to get some business cards and let them know.

Always remember, customer satisfaction is the first priority. You really want your party to be a success and let your children have a great time. In this way, parents are more likely to recommend to their friends and recruit over and over again.

6: Security.

Safety, with children, security is paramount. We recommend that you give your clients a safety instructions sheet. We have produced some templates for you. You can find a copy on the home page of the BIHA ​​website (see the next link). In addition, you must familiarize yourself with the legal requirements and the codes of practice that are applied to the operation of the bouncing castles. (See: Link to the BIHA ​​website below)

7: Book basic reserve.

It is very important to keep track of all the money you receive. Also, of course, your expenses in terms of advertising, printing, fuel, telephone calls, etc.

8: Expand your business.

Once you have your first hiring under the belt, you will probably start thinking about other types of inflatables in which you can invest, such as inflatable slides and bouncing balls. Do not forget that the corporate market can be very lucrative (for example, city councils and large companies in your city).

Good luck and all the success!

What is the law of personal injuries?

The personal injury law, generally referred to as a law against crime, provides legal rights to victims who have been physically or psychologically injured as a consequence of negligence or crimes of another person, company, government or other entity. The personal injury laws are applied in several cases, including:

* Cases in which a person acts by negligence and therefore causes damage to another person. Examples of these types of cases include medical malpractice, fall and fall accidents, car accidents and some cases of toxic offenses, among many others;

* Cases in which a person consciously and intentionally causes damage to another person. These types of cases include murder, assault and battery;

* Cases in which a person may not have intentionally committed a negligence due to his or her own, can still be considered responsible for a personal injury claim. The cases of dog bites (according to some state laws) and some types of claims about product liability are examples of this type of personal injury law; i,

* Cases that involve character insults, such as defamations or slander.

What is the purpose of personal injury law?

The main purpose of the personal injury law is to provide legal rights to injured victims to be compensated financially after suffering a loss or injury that they would otherwise not have sustained if it were not due to negligence or omissions of the accused. The personal injury laws impose a legal duty on people and companies to make and relate to a minimum level of care and attention. It is anticipated that these laws encourage and promote good behavior and reduce bad behaviors; Therefore, the personal injury laws have an important purpose for the general public.


Although no case of personal injury is exactly the same as another because there are no exactly the same accidents, usually these types of cases usually follow these steps:

The accused is injured by a defendant

Except for contractual breaches, this can be almost any unscrupulous act on the accused party.

The accused is determined to have failed to have legal liability in the face of the plaintiff

The incomplete duty depends on the particularities of the particular case. For example, manufacturers and / or distributors have a legal duty not to allow the entry into the market of dangerous or harmful drugs.

Settlement negotiations

If there is clear evidence for all the parties involved that the accused does not comply with their contractual obligation, the accused may choose to resolve the matter outside the court by offering monetary compensation to the plaintiff to prevent him The plaintiff filed suit against the accused.

If the plaintiff does not accept the accused's offer, he may continue in litigation. A solution can be offered and negotiated after filing the lawsuit at any time until the jury or the court has announced the verdict.

The lawsuit filed suit against the accused

When the claimant initially presents a case, he must be prepared to indicate what is the legal basis of the claim and what type of remedy he wants to request in compensation for his injuries.

The defendant submits an answer to the plaintiff's claim & # 39; s

The defendant must respond after having been assisted by some type of officer (usually a sheriff or a process server) within a specified period. If the accused does not provide an answer in the given time, a default sentence will be issued and the plaintiff will automatically win.

After the arrival answers an answer, the period preceding the test begins

This period is intended to build each case and collect evidence to support both sides of the case. A finding can be made between the parties, expert witnesses can be hired and depositions may be made during this time.

The judgment

The plaintiff must demonstrate that he owed a duty, that this duty was breached by the defendant, that the breach by the accused directly caused the plaintiff's damages or that the plaintiff suffered injuries.

The Verdict

The jury or the judge (banking processes) have the responsibility to determine the plaintiffs' prizes for damages based on factors such as out-of-pocket medical expenses and the severity of the physical, emotional or psychological pain suffered by the act. due to your wounds.


When it is tried to present a case for personal damages without legal representation, the plaintiff must take into account that the defendant who claims has had experienced lawyers working and fighting on his behalf. The Insurance Research Council conducted a study in 1999 that indicated that the average person will receive an agreement three and a half times greater when represented by a personal injury lawyer than when presented without representation. The litigation process is usually too complicated to handle the sun. If a person who claims to file a claim is unaware of the law or if the case takes an unexpected turn and comes out of hand, he may consider hiring a personal injury lawyer who can evaluate all aspects of his claim and fight for all justifiable financial resources. compensation due to the victim.

Operated machines in Currency

Have you ever wondered how these coin vending machines were born? You will not be surprised to know that those machines where you buy gems and collecting toys go back to the 1st century. The first historical evidence of a coin operated machine is in the work of Hero of Alexandria, engineer and mathematician of the 1st century. His machine dispensed a fixed amount of holy water when a coin was deposited. The coin fell on a frying pan fixed on a lever that opened a valve, through which water flowed. The bucket leans with the weight of the coin until it falls, a counterweight will take the lever back and close the valve.

It was not until the industrial age when machines that operated with coins were widely used. At the beginning of the 1880s, the first modern machines that operated with coins to distribute postcards were introduced to London, England. In the United States, the first vending machine was built in 1888 by the company Thomas Adams Gum. The machine came gummed on the train platforms. In 1897, Pulver Manufacturing Company initiated the idea of ​​adding simple games to these machines as an additional incentive to buy. They added small numbers that were scrolling every time someone bought rubber on the machines. These advances paved the way for the creation of flip-off machines and slot machines.

In December of 1970 of his convention of Dallas, Ussery Industries of Dallas, Texas, presented his new vending machine "talking", Sale Talker. When you insert a coin, the machine said "thanks" and added a unique voice when reaching Henny Youngman. The Talker Sale appeared in Johnny Carson and # 39; s Tonight Show in March 1971.

Current machines can sell almost anything. The sales cost in the United States is divided into two main types of vending: sale in bulk and direct sales. Bulk sale sells candy, nuts, toys and gums on small machines that work with coins that consist of single or multiple heads. These heads can be available in many configurations in booths or what is known as racks. The racks can contain a large number of multiple heads, booths usually have only 1-3 heads.

Meanwhile, the whole sale line sells sandwiches and beverages packaged as sweets, soft drinks and chips. Full line machines are also machines that work with coins, but they are much more sophisticated, as they can have cooling, bill change, illuminated panels and luxury electronics. Complete line machines are larger than bulk machines. Coin-operated machines are often used as a route for small operators or individuals who usually have machines located in different places.

US vending machines may not be as advanced as those in Japan that sell the most unusual products. In the west, there is the standard offer of snacks, ATMs, feminine hygiene products and gums.

The Stand Hotels, a small luxury hotel chain, has recently introduced machines that work with coins that sell shorts of table and bikini for customers. There are also iPod vending machines that surround hotels, airports and department stores Macy & # 39; s.

Coin-operated machines have gone a long way since their humble beginnings in the 1st century. As the years go by and as demand for comfort increases, the sales potential is almost unlimited.

Santa Teresa illuminates the soul through spiritual communion with the saints

This beautiful nun promised to go down and drop a rain of roses before he died very young. The more I learn about Santa Teresa, the more I understand that it has the ability to communicate with us and even lead us to communion with the saints of heaven. Bring roses to those who are looking for help.

Santa Thress de Lisieux, known as the Little Flower and Santa Teresa, wrote one of the most read spiritual books in the world, Story of a Soul. He wrote the manuscript while he was at the Carmel Convent, in France, where he died very young of tuberculosis. His vocation was love and his mission was to teach his small ways to souls. While he died, he asked God to allow him to spend heaven on earth doing well until the end of the world. She also declared "after my death I will drop a rain of roses" and promised "I will already go down!"

Have you witnessed the presence of Santa Teresa? The experience was probably subtle because it practices small ways to teach souls to love the Lord. I have been within reach of their little ways and I was surprised to find out their presence and their gifts. It is truly a great blessing to know this beautiful saint, and I am honored that she is the one who chose my patroness when she was confirmed in the Catholic Church many years ago.

I adore the little ways in which he has come into contact with me. My first impression of Santa Teresa was like a little boy looking at his image. She was such a beautiful nun that stuck the crucifix and the roses with the black veil of her habit framing her face. This image hanged in Lillian's room and I spent many hours of small. She was a nanny who was more grandmother to me. I had lost my father and my maternal grandmother at four years and Lillian filled up more than a gap in my life. I loved it and it spoiled me. She and her husband also offered in me a reverence for prayer and devotion.

Quiet and sure that Santa Teresa has always guarded me. At 12 I chose it as my patron because of this wonderful picture. He advances until age 36 and I am trapped in a terrifying and devastating marriage to a sociopath. I do not know how to turn myself and depression and pain overwhelm me. At this time I spoke with a co-worker who was also a psychic and informed me that I had a spiritual guide. He described her as a woman with the dark hair that was behind me. I had no idea who this spiritual guide would be, but I asked who he was, please help me.

I went back to my office where I was alone at my desk and started praying to help. He had a pencil in his hand and a yellow desk on the desk. My prayers asked for help because I did not know what path I had to go through. My life was so desperate and without possibility of escape. While praying in silence, I noticed that my pencil was moving. Then I looked in surprise as that pencil began to slip gently for the tablet. They appeared words that I will never forget: Lousy World Better Love Now.

Go ahead quickly ten years longer and I'm very happily married to a wonderful man. We are in Los Angeles working at the Northridge earthquake. On a Sunday we took a break and led me to a flea market that took place at the Rose Bowl. As we walked up and down the freight corridors of that parking lot, my eyes fell on the beautiful image of Santa Teresa. Now hang in my bedroom twenty years later and I'm still marveling that I found Santa Teresa at the Rose Bowl.

I did not discover the presence of Santa Teresa until years later. It was after I started my own search for the spiritual truth. This trip began when I was about 43 years old and I took the Bible that Lillian had given me and I read all this many times. My study evolved from this intense study of the Bible to include apocryphal books and lost ancient manuscripts. I read books about theories of Kabala, Eastern Mysticism, Zohar and Jungian. Then, to my surprise, I discovered the mystics of the West.

I had been raised in the Catholic Church but I had no idea that we had Western mystics! I was fascinated by St. Patrick's Teresa Avilla, San Juan de la Cruz, and I was surprised by St. John Teresa de Lisieux!

I found Therese in her book, Story of a Soul. She had always been with me and had not seen before. During reading this book, I found with its dying days that he explained how the pen with which he wrote was becoming too heavy. He finished his last words by typing with a pencil! Oh yes, I recognized her then!

Our relationship has continued to grow and I marvel at the roses I encounter along the way and silently recognize the help and guidance of my wonderful Santa Teresa.

In a recent trip to Chicago I loved the rose water tower in front of my hotel room in Rosemont, Illinois. I knew that Santa Teresa and Maria Magdalena greeted me when I arrived.

Therese leads me to the right paths in search of truth about mysteries of the Bible. She provided answers to my questions about the mysterious Mary Magdalene and her relationship with Jesus. She makes a new light on the stories of the Bible and the people of antiquity. Contribute answers that complete the story. Santa Teresa inspires to write.

Santa Teresa wrote his manuscript until the pencil fell from his hand. The last words you wrote are "… through trust and love." The book was first published in France and entitled Histoire d & # 39; une Ame in 1898. It quickly became a spiritual classic read by millions and was translated into languages ​​throughout the world. Therese was born on January 2, 1973 and died on September 30, 1897 at the young age of 24 years.

I think Santa Teresa is still guiding my pencil. I have no doubt, but that Santa Teresa can come and fall. They shower what they can see with their roses!

Do I have to pay a lawyer to check my personal injury case?

Accidents happen around us and, more often, they occur instantaneously without any warning. They may be due to our own imprudence or could be another negligence. When you are interested in a tragic accident due to another negligence, you can exercise your legal rights and claim compensation for the damages suffered by the person or organization that caused the # 39; accident As such, it is only essential to obtain the most competent and best known personal injury lawyer there.

Finding the legal expertise of a competent and qualified personal injury lawyer can be a bit difficult, especially when you only have a limited financial resource. But there are a lot of pending law firms that manage this type of affairs that offer free consultation to the client's situation and, from here, will let you know how the court's case procedure can proceed in the your interest

When fighting for your legal cause, a lawyer specialized in this type of injury will require a lot of professional experience in the field of this type of cases. In these cases, you just expect to accumulate a large destination due to handling previous personal injury cases and successfully winning compensation claims for your clients. It has the form of having a high form of personal injury learning supported by a good many years of experience in representing cases of personal injury to the courts.

In addition, a good and competent lawyer who specializes in these cases must also be sufficiently sensitive to recognize his need for emotional attention to his client. You must be aware that coping with an accident that caused you temporary or permanent physical and mental harm is never easy to do. He knows that it will take time before recovering and recovering from the tragic accident and, therefore, will provide a blanket of security and moral support to help him deal with the pitiful incident.

Having said that, your personal injury lawyer will nevertheless need all the little details that you can get to get the true and accurate image of the case of personal injury. In this sense, it would be of interest to both of you to disclose everything you know about the incident, even if it would be difficult to return to the accident that caused so much pain and anguish. You will be comforted by easing all the pain caused by the accident. For its part, you would be able to properly expose the plan to maximize your chances of winning the battle of compensation.

Bills: they provide safety, security and design value

The role of the drivers has increased drastically during the last decade due to the great security concerns. They are a simple, practical and profitable way to build an anti-ram perimetral defense without creating the vision of a fortified bunker. The balls are widely used for the direction and control of traffic and in purely decorative applications. However, pilots can perform many functions beyond security. They can be used for purely aesthetic purposes, working as landscaping elements. Billiards can create visible limits of a property or areas separated within sites. They can control traffic and are often organized to allow pedestrian access while preventing the entry of vehicles.

Removable and retractable barges can allow different levels of access restriction for various circumstances. They tell us frequently where we can and can not drive, park, bike or walk, protect ourselves from crime, shield vehicles and accident goods and add aesthetic characteristics to the outside and around our building. Boletos can incorporate other functions such as lighting, security cameras, bicycle parking or even seats. The decorative pilots are manufactured in different patterns to harmonize with a wide range of architectural styles. The prevalence of the most common form of security bollard, the steel tube full of concrete, has encouraged the manufacture of decorative balls designed to adapt to roofs on the standard sizes of steel pipes, adding a nice way to the required function.

What is a bollard?
A bollard is a short vertical post. The first bays were designed to tie large ships to the dock, and are still in use today. A typical marine bollard occurs in cast iron or steel and has a shape similar to a mushroom; the enlarged upper part is designed to prevent the mooring ropes from dropping.

Today, the word ballot also describes several structures used in the streets, around buildings and in landscaping. According to the legend, the first bollards of the street were actually cannons (sometimes it is said to have been captured enemy weapons) planted on the ground as border posts and markers of the city. When the supply of old guns was used, iron castings were made in a similar way to fulfill the same functions. Since then, bolards have evolved into many varieties that are widely used on roads, especially in urban areas, as well as outside supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, shops, government buildings and stadiums.

The most common type of ticket is fixed. The simplest is a non-aesthetic steel pole, about 914 to 1219 mm (36 to 48 inches) higher than the degree. The specially manufactured balls include not only simple sticks, but also a large variety of decorative designs. Some have square or rectangular sections, but most are cylindrical, sometimes with a dome lid, inclined or flat. They have a variety of finishes in metallic, painted and durable powder.

They use removable tablets when the need to limit access or direct traffic changes occasionally. Both retractable and folding styles are used when the selective input is frequently used and designed so that the bollard can easily collapse at ground level and re-assemble it quickly. The two retractable units can be handled or automated manually with hydraulic movements. Mobile balls are heavy and heavy objects, often made of stone or concrete, which are based on their weight rather than on a structural anchorage to stay in place. They are designed to be shifted few times, and only with heavy machinery, such as a fork lift.

Bollards usually include three types of applications:

  1. Decorative balls – decorative bricks for architectural and / or landscape elements;
  2. Traffic and security tickets – barges that provide patrimonial and pedestrian security, as well as traffic management; i
  3. Security bills and mail covers – Decorative improvements, resistant to impacts

Decorative balls

Some piles are intended solely to be an ornament. As autonomous architectural or landscape architectural features, they can border, divide or define a space. They can also be accents, watchdogs or supporting players to a bigger and more dramatic architectural gesture.

The decorative trinkets are manufactured to harmonize with traditional and contemporary architectural styles. The latter incline towards visual simplicity, often straight places with one or more revelations close to the top. The styles made to combine various historical periods tend to have shapes and more elaborate surface details. These include flutes, bands, scrolls and other ornaments. The post-top is a distinctive feature; The traditional design of beads usually includes decorative purposes elaborated, whereas the contemporary versions frequently present a cleared or inclined upper part simple to dissuade the passersby to leave the sweepings or to use them for improvised seats. On the other hand, sometimes plans and widths are made specifically to animate the seats. The usual decorative materials are iron, aluminum, stainless steel and concrete.

Ornamental designs with elaborate details are often made of cast iron or aluminum. Aluminum beads are desirable for applications that produce a weight, such as a removable balloon. Aluminum units are usually slightly more expensive than iron. For applications in which a decorative mushroom may be subject to a destructive impact, the ductile iron is a safer option than the more brittle metals, since the force will deform the metal instead of breaking it and transforming it into possible projectiles dangerous flying

The iron and aluminum mushrooms are manufactured frequently by sand casting, a traditional casting technique that is economical and adapts well to objects of this size. However, sandy objects often have superficial irregularities that usually leave the finished product less attractive to the eye. If you want a high-end consistency, look for a manufacturer that is 100% of the surface after casting to produce units with a uniform surface to obtain a maximum visual appeal.

The finish is an important consideration in a decorative pylon, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. The pilots are, by nature, prone to scratching or stinging by pedestrians and vehicles. Those located close to the roads are exposed to a rather aggressive environment; The petrochemical waste and the splashing of salts by dilution of diluted roads may compromise some painted finishes. The coating applied to the factory, available in iron, aluminum and steel, is a particularly durable finish of painted. The application process generates a coating with a very consistent coverage. During the coating, any naked metal tends to attract the powder, eliminating the holes of the cover. The baking process that completes the finish gives you additional resistance and resistance to abuse.

In applications where more physical abuse can be expected, aluminum decorative balls can be a better option than iron. If the finishing layer is damaged, aluminum is oxidized to a generally more acceptable color than the red rust produced by iron. Aluminum and stainless steel are also available in various finishes of naked metal. The functionality can be added to the decorative bollard otherwise. For example, the common option is the eye of the chain: linking two or more balls to the string, creating a simple traffic orientation system. A large loop or metallic arm next to the pole allows parking and blocking bicycles, an increasingly popular option, as more people seek alternative green transportation. The balls may also contain lighting units or safety devices, such as sensors or cameras.

Traffic and security tickets

The most common bollard applications are the direction and control of traffic, together with security and safety. The first function is achieved by the visual presence of the pilots and, to a certain extent, by the impact resistance, although in these applications, the primary function is visual dissuasion. Security and security applications depend on higher levels of impact resistance. The main difference between the two is that security designs are related to the detention of accidental violations of a defined space, while security is to stop the intentional timbre.

The lines of very spaced balls can form a filter of traffic, that separates the motor vehicles of the pedestrians and the bicycles. Placing the posts with 1m free distance between them, for example, allows an easy step for humans and vehicles with a human motor (such as wheelchairs or shopping carts), but prevents the cars from moving. These facilities are often seen in front of the entrance of the car park to a store and at the mouth of the converted streets into open-air shopping centers or strollways. In the design of pitch facilities for a place, you should be careful not to locate them wherever they will become a danger of navigation for authorized vehicles or cyclists.

Some traffic targeting applications depend on the cooperation of drivers and pedestrians and do not require impact resistance. A line of bundles linked by a chain presents a visual indicator to avoid crossing the limit, although it may be easy enough for a pedestrian to pass or underneath the chain if he decides. Balls designed to steer traffic are sometimes done to fold, deflect, or break the impact.

Adding more resistance to collisions allows a ticketholder to apply traffic restrictions instead of just suggesting them. Plane pipes are commonly found in the corners of buildings or flanking lights, public telephones, fire hydrants, gas pipes and other facilities that must be protected against accidental contacts. A bollard on the edge of the road prevents cars from overpassing and hurt pedestrians. Bell-shaped bricks can drive a vehicle to the road when their wheels hit the sloping side sides.

They are used when the U turns and the adjusted radius turns are frequent. This type of use is particularly frequent in the corners where often the drivers of the vehicle turn erroneously and the pedestrians are especially close to the road they hope to cross. In some cities, they install impact resistant bolts with automatic retraction to regulate the flow of traffic at an intersection. Internet videos of & # 39; ball runners & # 39; demonstrate graphically the efficiency of a low pair when stopping the cars.

Security bills and mail covers

The consequences of the 1995 bombings in Oklahoma City and the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001 suffered a sharp increase in the installation of pilots for security purposes. Anti-ram installations do not only include sticks, but other objects designed to withstand impacts without presenting the appearance of a protection barrier, such as large planters or banks that conceal pellets. Once the threat of design has been determined, the necessary resistance can be calculated to stop it. (See "Security design concepts" below). The specification of the anti-ram perimeter takes into account both the mass and the speed of an attack vehicle that is approaching, considering that this is the most significant.

According to the director of Weidlinger Associates, Peter DiMaggio, an expert in security design, requires a careful evaluation of the site that surrounds him. "The architecture of streets and places will determine the maximum approximation speed possible," he said. "If there are no approaches to the building with a long duration, an attack vehicle can not accumulate a great speed and the resistance of the anti-ram barriers can be adjusted."

The anti-ram strength is usually measured by a standard developed by the State Department, called K-rating. K-4, K-8 and K-12 refer to the ability to stop a truck with specific weight and speed and prevent penetration of the payload more than 1 m (3 feet) beyond of the anti-ram barrier. Resistance does not depend solely on the size and resistance of the bolard itself, but also on the anchorage and on its substrate.

There are block testing videos on various manufacturers websites. The truck impacts two or three high speed balls and the front of the vehicle often cuts, wrapping completely into the most central pole. A part of the cab can fly from the truck, the front or rear end could raise several feet to the air and the front or rear axles could be released. The riders and their feet are sometimes raised several feet upwards. In all tests successfully, the payload of the rear of the truck does not penetrate more than one meter beyond the line of balls, thus satisfying the standard.

The easiest bolus of security is a pipe piece of carbon steel structure of 203 mm (8 in.), 254 mm (10 in.) Or 305 mm. A certain resistance to the impact is achieved even with a 102 mm (4 in.) Tube, depending on the engineering of its foundation. It is often filled with concrete to increase the rigidity, although the pipe without filling with plates hardeners inside it can produce a better resistance to the tube of the same diameter. Without internal hardening, the thickness of the wall must be significantly larger. For fixed-type security pilots, simple pipe bundles can be functionally enough, if mounted correctly. Special types of piping auction are also manufactured.

The biggest disadvantage of a flat pipe is aesthetics. A piece of painted pipe does not really blend, much less, in most architectural patterns. However, this can be overcome with a decorative ball cover. Many autonomous pilots that do not have impact resistance are designed with an alternative mounting capacity to slide over the standard sizes of the pipes, forming an attractive and architecturally appropriate impact resistance system. These decorative covers can also be available to improve specially designed (but not decorative) pipes.

Concepts of security design

Much of the modern security design focuses on the threat of bomb attacks. The most significant factor to protect against explosions is the distance between the detonation and the target. The shock wave strength explodes, depending on the square of the distance. The more distance you can place between the detonation and the protected structure, which is called the wall distance, the greater the resistance to the threat or, conversely, the less blurriness is needed to incorporate to the structure. Therefore, the creation of a safe perimeter is the first step in the global design of the resistance to explosions.

The whereabouts are valuable architecturally because it allows to protect a building without having to look like a bunker. It also has an economic impact, because it is often less expensive to create a stop than to test bombs of the structure itself. Security pilots and similar anti-ram installations are designed and positioned to create a frustrating challenge to deliver explosives near the goal of a vehicle.

Any security design depends on an estimate of the size of the threat to be resisted – the threat of design. & # 39; The force of the explosion that can be expected is directly related to the transport capacities of weight and volume of the delivery vehicle. The explosives are measured in relation to tons of trinitrotoluene (TNT). The most powerful molecular explosives, such as composition 4 (that is, C-4), are about a third more powerful than TNT, while a fuel and fertilizer pump (as used in Oklahoma City) is considerably less Powerful than TNT. Reasonable approximations can be made about the amount of explosive power that a person carrying a backpack, a passenger vehicle, a truck, a flat lorry, etc. can provide, depending on their capacity to load weight and volume.

Volleyball mounts

There are three basic types of mallet assemblies: fixed, removable and operable (retractable or folding). Fixed bolts can be mounted in existing concrete, or installed in new bases. Manufactured drivers are usually designed with their own mounting systems. The independent assemblies can be as non-invasive as existing concrete drilling and anchoring with epoxy or concrete plates. These surface-mounted bicycles can be used for purely aesthetic installations and a significant visual deterrent and direction, but only provide a minimal impact resistance.

Balls designed to protect against impacts are often incrusted in concrete at several feet deep, if the conditions of the site allow it. Mounting engineering depends on the threat of design, soil conditions and other site-specific factors. The strip bases that mount several pilots provide a better resistance, distributing the load of impact for a wider area. For places where deep digging is not desirable or possible (for example, an urban location with a basement or a subway under the pavement), balls are available made with low-power installation systems both for individual masts and for pilot groups. In general, the lower the assembly, the wider it must be resistant to the load of the impacts.

A removable pile usually has a support or sleeve installed permanently below the degree, while the upper part of the sleeve is colored head with the floor. The mating ballot can be lifted manually from the mount to allow access. This system is intended for locations where occasionally the change of access is necessary. It may include a blocking mechanism, either exposed or concealed, to prevent unauthorized removal. Both tickets and decorations are available for this type of application. Most removable balls are not designed for high impact resistance and are not used in anti-ram applications.

Retractable armchair telescope below floor level, and can work manually or automatically. Manual systems sometimes have lift support mechanisms to facilitate and accelerate the deployment. Automatic systems can be electric or hydraulic, and sometimes they include a dedicated backup power installation, so that the balloon remains functional during emergencies. Shrink systems are usually disassembled.


Billiards are as ubiquitous as they are overlooked. They talk about the need to define space, one of the basic tasks of the built environment. The tickets and the decorative covers offer a versatile solution to provide a pleasant way to various functions. The range of available options is broad in terms of visual style and performance properties. For security applications, a design team with security experience must be included in the planning team.

Look for the revision of the original version of this bullard reference article completed with images and references.

Neon signs

Are neon signs prepared to be museum pieces or to be part of the collection of someone? Have their utility survived? Do business and the American buyer public can behave without them? The companies in the country have proved that they are not. They are the main use of neon in this country. They are also the majority of all commercial signs used in the United States. They are the most used method for companies to convey their messages. The illuminated signs are bright, colored and call attention easily wherever they are placed. The designs are virtually unlimited, since everyone tries to attract the public's attention and can also provide a bright lighting source for places like Times Square and Las Vegas Strip. These two places are often called neon windows of this country. With its thousands of neon lights, both attract millions of visitors every year. In fact, this also applies to many of the big cities in the world, for example, London has its Piccadilly Circus. However, all neon signs are 10 signs of world-renowned corporations that are in a building. Tokyo has its Ginza, a section of the city that shines with the lights. You can find neurons of multinational corporations in cities around the world and their logos do not need translation. Although its visualization in larger cities is common, it can be found in large cities anywhere. They are also usual in companies.

They occur in three common types. The exposed type comes out of the surface with block letters, which are sometimes supported individually. The neon sign box type with its 3D format has proved to be very effective. It is made by cutting each letter normally in acrylic format. However, in this process a side or shaded acrylic is attached around the letter and this creates a dramatic 3D effect. Those made with this method have a remarkable main feature, which is that it can be used both in logos and in letters. The last type of neon signs is the letter of the channel. It consists of letters and graphics illuminated and placed on the outside of the buildings. There are two types of channel letters. Standard channel letters that are made up of a U channel with Plexiglas faces of colors and reverse channel letters that have faces and metal faces and a clear plastic support. They are designed to be mounted at an inch or two on the wall. The final format of the neon sign in channel format is the letter of the open-face channel. In this case, the letters are of clear plastic instead of colored plastic.

Whether they are of the type exposed, box or channel they have been using for 100 years. They have established their place in the advertising world. When talking about commercial lighting systems, many in the field consider that the signs of neon are the best, with reference to factors such as brightness, energy efficiency, durability and impact on the environment. The fact that the signs of neon have been used for 100 years speaks much of the efficiency, reliability and value. They require very little maintenance or replacement. There are cases in which the neon pipe has exceeded its metal casing in signs between 60 and 70 years.

Some signs of neon in the news are considered icons, and from Times Square those who frequently change that leaves little chance for their longevity. The casinos have been in Las Vegas since the mid-1940s, filled with illuminated signboards, the best known is the neon iconic sign "WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGES NEVADA", designed in 1959 and currently known throughout the world. The icons that came out of the scene are the Pioneer & # 39; s Club cowboy in the neon of 1961, which appeared as a movement and arm. Other iconic neon signs are The Silver Slipper Hotel and Casino (designed in 1961 and lasted until 1988), the sign Stardust Hotel and Casino (which lasted between 1958 and 2007) and the neo sign The Golden Nugget Club (which It lasted approximately approximately 1991. In its original format, the Golden Nugget Casino still exists and has been used in five films, including "Diamonds Are Forever" and "Casino", in addition a television series. "Neon sign in Reno. It received neon lighting in 1939. The iconic giant neon sign" Route 66 "can be found at the National Museum of Route 66 at Elk City, Oklahoma.

Las Vegas is the largest neon sign in the world, which exceeds 77,000 square feet. It is owned by the Hilton Hotel Corporation. With a price of almost $ 9 million, it could also be called the most expensive neon sign in the world. Las Vegas and Times Square are easily qualified as neon-only showcases in America due to the amount of neon signage and the millions of visitors they get annually.

The neon sign technology was developed in 1675 in France, even before electricity was discovered. Georges Claude made the first neon sign in Paris in 1910. Even so, it was not until 1912 when the first neon poster appeared in the Paris barbershop. In 1923, Anthony Earle, a car dealer from Los Angeles, took two of them with the name of Packard. According to some sources, the prices paid were $ 2,500, $ 5,000 or $ 24,000. Times Square won its first, Willys-Overland in 1924, but Las Vegas did not get its first neon poster, Caf Oasis Home, until 1929. Moscow & # 39; s Puskin Square received Russia and its illuminated poster, in 1989, which announced a popular soft drink.

Qualities of a lawyer for personal injury of confidence

When it's time to hire a personal injury attorney, you'll have to put it seriously in your search. The livelihoods of you and your family are pending. Losing the case could be disastrous. That said, choosing the right lawyer to take up your case needs to be done carefully. Below are some qualities that you should look for the chosen prosecutor.

• Has a professional website: surely you should not judge a book for its cover, but when hiring a personal injury lawyer, you can learn a lot by consulting your website. A good lawyer understands the importance of having a clean and well-taken care of website to present to you. It's your job to sell yourselves. And your website is virtually your resume. Just as a boss would not hire an employee with a slow resume, you should not hire a lawyer with a cheap website.

• He and his staff have experience: with such participation, do not want to trust your case to a new lawyer. No, do you want someone who knows their way through the courtroom. Someone who has been in the field for many years and has many skills under his belt.

• Has a record marked by success. Of course, experience alone is not enough. Your chosen personal injury attorney must have a winning track record. How can you be sure? Easily Just look at your site. If he's been very successful, he'll post about that on his site. Remember that if you have a winning record, you will not be hiding it. You want to publish it in the world view. It is the strongest point of sale.

• Offers a free initial consultation: you will never have to pay for the initial consultation. Period The first meeting allows you to obtain information and clarity about your situation, as well as decide if the personal injury solicitor is right for you. Not to mention your personality. Sometimes people do not make ice. And you should not pay to find out.

• You have worked on the other side. The best bet is to find a lawyer who has worked on the other side of the fence. Someone who has represented in the past great big businessmen and insurance companies. The reasoning here is obvious. If you are experienced fighting people like you, then you will be even more willing to fight in your defense. They will know exactly how the opposite team will fight against you and they will be prepared properly for rebuttal. It's like having the game book of the opposite team during a soccer game, but not cheating. Sure you will win

Remember, when it's time to hire a lawyer for personal injury, take it seriously. Find who has the previous qualities and you will have your winner. If you do not do it, you could endanger your personal finances and your well-being. And why would you do it if there is a feasible option under your nose?

Historical route of trip 66 through Arizona

Route 66 can locate its history until the end of 1920 when it was proposed and presented for the first time. However, it was not until 1938 that the road was completely asphalted from her and began in Chicago, Illinois to the western terminal of Santa Monica, California, about 2,450 kilometers later . Of course, the route can be reached either east or west, although most travelers on Route 66 prefer to head east to the west as it goes Make the Joad family to the famous literary work of John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath.

Unfortunately, Route 66 began to be replaced in the 1960s by new interstate highways that passed many cities along the way and was completely removed from the interstate highway system in 1985. Although partly many organizations of the Route 66, the small city chambers of commerce, enthusiasts and historians refused to let it die. Over the past 25 years there has been a new revival of heritage tourism that has reversed the interest in preserving this great piece of history and American nostalgia that is Route 66.

Often, known as "The Mother Road", "America's Main Street" or "Will Rogers Highway", the route passes through eight different states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Let's take a look at the state of Arizona in more detail.


Towards the west, Arizona is the seventh of the eight states of the Route 66 and has 401 miles border border. It has some of the most beautiful landscapes, some of the most obligatory establishments of a must visit, the highest elevation and the longest uninterrupted stretch of Route 66 throughout the journey.

Geographically, Arizona is home to Meteor crater, petrified forest and painted desert. These sites offer some incredible photo opportunities, but also an opportunity to explore and take excursions on foot from these natural attractions.

About 75 kilometers from Arizona, past the petrified forest and the painted desert, is the town of Holbrook. Welcoming the Wigwam Village Motel, most travelers on Route 66 expect to sleep in a tepee and many consider this milestone as an outstanding feature of their trip. More in the west is Joseph City, a Mormon establishment created in the late 1870s and # 39; s. Located in Joseph City, is the famous Jackrabbit Trading Post. One of the best known signing sites on Route 66 is the famous billboard that exclaims "HERE IS" located at the Jackrabbit Trading Post.

More west, in front of the Meteor Crater and the "standin" in Winslow, the extinct Two Guns, the abandoned twin arrows and the "do not forget" Winona is finds in the city of Flagstaff. Flagstaff welcomes the famous Lowell Observatory and is also the gateway to the Grand Canyon located a few hours north of the car. The canyon is worth a trip to the side of Route 66 to see one of the eight natural wonders of the world. If you prefer, you can also access the spectacular Grand Canyon through the Grand Canyon Railway outside of Williams just 30 kilometers west of Flagstaff. Between Flagstaff and Williams is Brannigan Peak. It is 7,320 feet above sea level and is the highest elevation point for the whole Rt route. 66

15 miles west of Williams is Ash Fork, the world's stone capital. Just after Ash Fork, you can leave the I-40 when you start the longest uninterrupted stretch of Route 66 throughout the journey. Make sure to stop at the legendary Snow Cap Drive-in of Seligman and the fascinating general store of Hackberry before arriving at Kingman. Here you will find many commercial establishments still preserved that cater to the traveler on Route 66, including a very well-done museum.

Be sure to leave Kingman while you still have daylight so you will not lose the amazing landscape as you travel through Black Mountain switches and black hairs. Oatman awaits, as do the many wild donkeys that call the old house of the mining city. Do not forget to check out the historic Oatman hotel, where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon.

Leaving Oatman, you can take a quick side tour to Laughlin Nevada casinos and try your luck or continue on Golden Shores, Topock and return to I-40 to cross the mighty Colorado River to California.

Silverhorn Golf Club

The Silverhorn golf club, Oklahoma City, has an 18-hole golf course, 6,768-garden, SilverHorn and 71 points. The course has 170 hectares of incredibly beautiful landscape that consists of oms, oaks, gulls and lush grass. SilverHorn presents four coves that could prove a good challenge for the professional player. With a rating of 73.4 and a graduation of slope of 128, the SilverHorn golf course was designed by Randy Heckenkemper and opened in 1991.

This golf club offers excellent facilities that include a driving course and a green practice, club rental, a professional store with equipment and accessories, a large selection of clothes and a snack bar where breakfast and lunch. The installation is managed by the American Golf Corporation and Greg Tidwell is the general director.

Although the Silverhorn Golf Club is just minutes from the OCC center at 11411 N. Kelley Ave, golfers receive a superb Oklahoma landscape. The rates are $ 26 for walking and $ 35 with car on business days and $ 31 for walking and $ 40 with a wheelbarrow at weekends. Older and young people have to pay $ 17 for walking and $ 22 with a car from Monday to Thursday.

SilverHorn is one of the very good golf destinations in Oklahoma City. This is a bit special, as it offers the perfect relaxation and tranquility in the midst of spectacular landscaping beauty just few kilometers from the center. Professional golfers or hobbyists visiting Oklahoma City can spend a great game at the Silverhorn Golf Club and spend the night at the luxurious OKC hotels.