Oklahoma City movie theaters

The movie theaters in Oklahoma City offer film producers the movie experience. Here are some of the best places to capture a movie in Oklahoma City:

Warren de Moore's theater is one of the best. It offers a fantastic experience, specifically the balcony option, available on two screens per week. The agreement includes a cocktail and full meals served before the movie and while it continues. The theater has large screens, a high technology sound system, games room and much more. You will also find many movie memoirs everywhere. The Harkins Cine Capri Bricktown, which is part of the chain of Harkins theaters and opened in Bricktown in 2004, offers a superior vision experience. She also offers a nursery for parents to leave their children while watching the movie.

The AMC Quail Springs is another great destination to watch a movie. Located within the Quail Springs shopping center, the only factor that hinders the great experience can be the large number of crowds that visit the mall. It has more screens and has an excellent assembly. Cinemark Tinseltown is another of the great movie theaters in Oklahoma City. It offers competitive prices and has seated in the stadium and digital sound, as well as a games room for children.

Located within the Oklahoma City Art Museum, the Noble Theater is where you can watch classic movies, short films and foreign films, especially candidates for prizes. It's not the usual rate you'll find in the most popular theaters. If you are looking for films with artistic perfection and quality or dealt with a deeper subject, this is where you should come from. You can also find quite rare movies that you would not find anywhere else.

The hotels offer transfer services to all these places. So while you're at OKC, you can catch up with one of the Oklahoma City movie theaters.

AT & T Ballpark snow tube

Winter brings a whole set of fun ideas and you can not get rid of it. Ice skating, skiing and hockey are all there, but it is also the snow tube. As the holiday season is growing in December, Chesapeake Energy offers snow tubes at AT & T Bricktown Ballpark, Oklahoma City.

Residents of the city should not go to the Colorado or New Mexico stations to experience the simple pleasure of practicing snow tubes. The excitement of the AT & T Ballpark snow tube is open to everyone on Fridays to Sunday and daily from December 18 to January 3, at a cost of $ 10 per hour and a half driving. Early booking is made online and reservations can also be made for large groups to make the experience much more special for you, your family and your friends.

The largest slope of the south-western snow tube presents a mammoth slip from the top deck to the second base. A smaller slope is also offered for the less adventurous and for the little ones. Viewers can be refreshed with apple cider, hot chocolate, sandwiches and desserts.

The AT & T Bricktown Ballpark snowboard is part of OKC & # 39; s Downtown in December, an entertainment initiative for the Christmas season, which also includes the Braums Ice track, the Esperit Holiday Car, holiday activities at Civic Center Music Hall, Holiday Lights and Oklahoman Mayors Holiday Tree on the Bricktown channel, OGE Garden Lights at Myriad Botanical Gardens and seasonal films and art offers at the Oklahoma City Art Museum.

The AT & T Ballpark is well connected to all major Oklahoma City hotels that offer shuttle services to important destinations.

Braum ice skating rink & # 39; to Oklahoma City

Winter brings many opportunities for fun and fun activities for all. If you are looking for a winter workout in Oklahoma City, Braum & # 39; Ice rink on the front of the Civic Center Music Hall, Downtown is the best place to visit.

Exciting features of the ice skating rink Braum & # 39; s

It is said that the 62 to 150-foot track is one of the largest outdoor tracks in the southwest. This means that the track has increased its size by 50 percent over the previous year with the intention of hosting more visitors and giving additional space so that skaters can be displayed. The entertainment scene on the track offers a series of activities such as singing and dancing. On special nights you can also enjoy Santa Claus. All this adds to the festive mood of the month of December. Participants can visit the Café de la pista de gel Braum & # 39; s for coffee, soda, hot cocoa, hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream.

Important things to know about Braum's ice rink & # 39; s

The skating season begins as of November 25 and runs until January 1. All these days the track is open from noon until 10 at night. The Braum Ice Track & # 39; s is also open during Christmas and Christmas, at the same time. To skate, you can take your own skates or get new and bright skates from the track. Skates are available in all sizes. If you rent the skates, the rates can be $ 8, otherwise you will have to pay only $ 5.

Additional leisure activities in Oklahoma City

In addition to providing space for ice skating activities, the Ice Skating Track Braum & # 39; In the city center of Oklahoma City, you will find a variety of other entertainment activities that include snow tubing at Brick, night cruises at Bricktown Water Taxis, navigation near # 39 ; Christmas tree from Oklahoman and more. Many of the hotels in this place offer their clients special transfer services to all the interesting locations.

Ballpark AT & T Bricktown

The AT & T Bricktown Ballpark, Oklahoma City, is one of the crown jewels of the entertainment district and historic district of Bricktown. True to its name, the charming brick building adds a bit of charm to the world.

Compliant with the standards established by the National Association of Professional Baseball League, the Bricktown-Ballpark has been the Big 12 basketball tournament since 1998 (before which All Sports Stadium hosted a match in 1997) , except for the years 2002 and 2004 It also hosts two games from the Bedlam series where Oklahoma Sooners and Cowboys of Oklahoma State face.

The Oklahoma car park can accommodate 12,000 people and has been designed according to ADA and Triple-A standards. It also offers facilities such as a sports themed restaurant, luxury suites and shops. The installation is rented by RedHawks of Oklahoma City. Replacing All Sports Stadium, AT & T Bricktown Ballpark opened as Southwestern Bell Bricktown-Ballpark, and then called SBC Bricktown Ballpark before receiving the current name in 2006 after the merger SBC & # 39; with Old AT & T. Completed in the spring of 1998 at a cost of 34 million dollars and designed by the Architectural Design Group, the facilities are excellent. The Ball & Park AT & T is undoubtedly a stadium model.

Sports enthusiasts visiting Oklahoma City can enjoy great relaxation at OKC hotels. Most hotels offer shuttle services to important city destinations, and also in the Bricktown district, where you will find the AT & T Bricktown Ballpark.

Arts Festival in Oklahoma City

The arts festival in Oklahoma City is a great opportunity for people of all ages to step up their senses in an exciting experience at the festival. The occasion offers a unique treatment with a rich mixture of visual, scenic and culinary arts and cultures from all over the country. Numerous live performances staged in this place are added to the festive mood of this event. Visual artists from different destinations come together, present their unique performances and encourage the event.

OKC Arts Festival: A Moment for Exciting Entertainment

The OKC Arts Festival offers excellent entertainment options for both adults and children. From painting of faces and pottery to poster making, opportunities for artistic work are offered. Adults can enjoy a wonderful shopping experience at exciting shopping centers. The "Young-At-Art Mart" is a popular shopping site exclusively for children.

Tasty foods to tickle your taste buds

Although it offers the opportunity to appreciate different forms of visual art, the Oklahoma City Arts Festival also offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of culinary delights. Numerous Sellers & # 39; The cassettes and food carts are found around and around the place, which offer traditional and international flavors for visitors. Coyote chicken sandwich, Newport strawberries, Baja Tacos, India Tacos, tequila broccoli and crust pizza on top are the most popular dishes.

Take part in the great event

The Oklahoma City arts festival has a rich history of more than 43 years. Stage Center, Festival Plaza and the Myriad Botanical Gardens are the common platforms where the event is held annually. This year, this is the 44th anniversary of this great event. The event began on April 20 and runs until April 25. It is a great celebration that lasts 6 days.

If you want to participate in this fantastic art festival in Oklahoma City, arrange comfortable accommodation in the welcoming hotels of this place and enjoy the maximum of your vacations.

Guide to cheap spaces for holidays: 6 affordable destinations for a fun getaway

It is not true, at all, that you have to spend a lot of money to go on luxury vacations. For all popular tourist sites, there is a cheap alternative. Even some of the most popular destinations are becoming increasingly affordable. No matter what type of trip you are interested in, you can count on cheap vacation sites to meet your needs. Here are some recommendations to get started.


Thailand is always a popular country for backpackers. It has a rich culture, beautiful islands, beach cabins, cuisine and tons of adventures. All this is usually available at affordable prices. There is more in Thailand than in Bangkok. Explore places like Koh Tao, Koh Samet, Khao Lak, Hua Hin district and Phuket City.


This is a cheap alternative to most popular South American countries like Brazil and Argentina. There are many great beaches to choose from and a great wildlife. It is enough to jump on a flight from American Airlines, Air Europa or British Airways to Montevideo.

Isla Mujeres

If you are looking for cheap vacation locations in Mexico, go here. It is a cheap alternative to Cancun. While the dollar stays strong in Mexico, places like Isla Mujeres will be affordable for travelers in the United States. You can travel around the island with a rented golf cart. Since there is no tourist trap, everything is available at a low price.

Camino de Santiago

Are you looking for cheap European holidays? The Way of Saint James is your best choice right now. See many historical sites walking the path through Spain. Thousands of people from all over the world in the "pilgrimage" through the trail every summer. Along the route there are many affordable restaurants and cheap accommodations.

Oklahoma City

This American city is a cheap getaway that offers many fun activities. You can do everything by wandering Bricktown (for free) to visit the National Cowboy Museum and Western Heritage. There is no shortage of restaurants, shops, bars and hotels.

Daytona, FL

If you want a beach vacation, Daytona is one of the funniest beaches in the world. It is also associated with NASCAR, so you may want to check the quick route if it is open. There are really 20 kilometers of public coast to explore. Are you interested in the story? Visit the Museum of Arts and Sciences.

These are just some of the many cheap vacation places to visit right now. Each of these destinations has something to offer travelers of all ages.

When planning any type of trip or trip, be sure to use coupons online to make sure you get the best deal possible. You can also use the intuitive search feature to get information about cheap vacation sites around the world.