Ballpark AT & T Bricktown

The AT & T Bricktown Ballpark, Oklahoma City, is one of the crown jewels of the entertainment district and historic district of Bricktown. True to its name, the charming brick building adds a bit of charm to the world.

Compliant with the standards established by the National Association of Professional Baseball League, the Bricktown-Ballpark has been the Big 12 basketball tournament since 1998 (before which All Sports Stadium hosted a match in 1997) , except for the years 2002 and 2004 It also hosts two games from the Bedlam series where Oklahoma Sooners and Cowboys of Oklahoma State face.

The Oklahoma car park can accommodate 12,000 people and has been designed according to ADA and Triple-A standards. It also offers facilities such as a sports themed restaurant, luxury suites and shops. The installation is rented by RedHawks of Oklahoma City. Replacing All Sports Stadium, AT & T Bricktown Ballpark opened as Southwestern Bell Bricktown-Ballpark, and then called SBC Bricktown Ballpark before receiving the current name in 2006 after the merger SBC & # 39; with Old AT & T. Completed in the spring of 1998 at a cost of 34 million dollars and designed by the Architectural Design Group, the facilities are excellent. The Ball & Park AT & T is undoubtedly a stadium model.

Sports enthusiasts visiting Oklahoma City can enjoy great relaxation at OKC hotels. Most hotels offer shuttle services to important city destinations, and also in the Bricktown district, where you will find the AT & T Bricktown Ballpark.

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