Hotels and pets: how to enjoy the best experience

Pet owners of these days are lucky because there are hotels that are allowed with pets. Years ago, the hotel executives realized that potential customers could not go on vacation because they could not bring their pets and they did not want to leave them behind. For this reason, the number of hotels that accept pets has increased.

However, as with the breeding of your pet, taking an accompaniment to these hotels that accepts pets implies preparation and responsibility. You should also remember that this type of hotel has different degrees of "pet facility". Therefore, do not appear in a hotel with your pet, you have to call and review the hotel before making the reservation. Here you have to do:

  1. Ask for information about your pet policies.
  2. Ask what types, sizes, and even the maximum number of pets you can carry (suppose you want to carry more than one pet.) This is important, because some hotels only allow dogs and others allow only one pet per room.
  3. Ask if there are additional fees. Some hotels may not charge an extra for pet animals, but most will charge a single cleaning fee, per pet, per night or per stay.
  4. Ask what type of rooms are available for pet owners. Some hotels have only a limited number of rooms for pet owners. If you have specifications for a room, such as a jacuzzi or other services, ask if they are available to pet owners like you.
  5. Ask what services are available for pets. Some hotels offer food services and bowls, pet seats or dog strolls.

If you have all the information you need and believe that the hotel meets your requirements for your pets, make a reservation and make a reservation. However, when you are in the hotel, you must also remember some guidelines:

  1. The most obvious thing would be: your pet should be safe. He should not "do his business" wherever he wants and he should not chew or scratch. It should be quiet (or be quiet at the helm). I should not rush through the room and cover everything and break things.
  2. Always keep your pet under control. Even if the hotel allows dogs to run without a strap, make sure they return when they call it. Pets are often confused in an unfamiliar environment.
  3. Do not let your pet bother other guests or pets. There are people who are afraid of animals or just do not like pets. Do not let your pet jump or rush to other guests. Make sure your pet is not licked and rests on other guests unless you make sure the guests are not important. You will also have to restrict your pet to approach other pets, since some animals do not like to know other pets.
  4. When pets are in an unknown territory, they can show a behavior that they would not normally do when they are in a family environment. Some dogs often bark everybody in unknown territories. That is why you should never leave your pet unattended.
  5. Sometimes accidents occur, even if your pet is performing well. Always count with the responsibility and pay for the damages that your pet may cause.
  6. Always respect the pet policy of the hotel you choose. If you do not like your rules, look for another hotel that has a pet policy that suits your needs.

We love our pets. But always keep in mind that, if you want to have fun holidays with them, make sure that you have beforehand the pet policy of the hotel and that you are willing to follow the rules. You would not want to have unpleasant surprises when you bring Fido or Fifi.

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