Neon signs

Are neon signs prepared to be museum pieces or to be part of the collection of someone? Have their utility survived? Do business and the American buyer public can behave without them? The companies in the country have proved that they are not. They are the main use of neon in this country. They are also the majority of all commercial signs used in the United States. They are the most used method for companies to convey their messages. The illuminated signs are bright, colored and call attention easily wherever they are placed. The designs are virtually unlimited, since everyone tries to attract the public's attention and can also provide a bright lighting source for places like Times Square and Las Vegas Strip. These two places are often called neon windows of this country. With its thousands of neon lights, both attract millions of visitors every year. In fact, this also applies to many of the big cities in the world, for example, London has its Piccadilly Circus. However, all neon signs are 10 signs of world-renowned corporations that are in a building. Tokyo has its Ginza, a section of the city that shines with the lights. You can find neurons of multinational corporations in cities around the world and their logos do not need translation. Although its visualization in larger cities is common, it can be found in large cities anywhere. They are also usual in companies.

They occur in three common types. The exposed type comes out of the surface with block letters, which are sometimes supported individually. The neon sign box type with its 3D format has proved to be very effective. It is made by cutting each letter normally in acrylic format. However, in this process a side or shaded acrylic is attached around the letter and this creates a dramatic 3D effect. Those made with this method have a remarkable main feature, which is that it can be used both in logos and in letters. The last type of neon signs is the letter of the channel. It consists of letters and graphics illuminated and placed on the outside of the buildings. There are two types of channel letters. Standard channel letters that are made up of a U channel with Plexiglas faces of colors and reverse channel letters that have faces and metal faces and a clear plastic support. They are designed to be mounted at an inch or two on the wall. The final format of the neon sign in channel format is the letter of the open-face channel. In this case, the letters are of clear plastic instead of colored plastic.

Whether they are of the type exposed, box or channel they have been using for 100 years. They have established their place in the advertising world. When talking about commercial lighting systems, many in the field consider that the signs of neon are the best, with reference to factors such as brightness, energy efficiency, durability and impact on the environment. The fact that the signs of neon have been used for 100 years speaks much of the efficiency, reliability and value. They require very little maintenance or replacement. There are cases in which the neon pipe has exceeded its metal casing in signs between 60 and 70 years.

Some signs of neon in the news are considered icons, and from Times Square those who frequently change that leaves little chance for their longevity. The casinos have been in Las Vegas since the mid-1940s, filled with illuminated signboards, the best known is the neon iconic sign "WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGES NEVADA", designed in 1959 and currently known throughout the world. The icons that came out of the scene are the Pioneer & # 39; s Club cowboy in the neon of 1961, which appeared as a movement and arm. Other iconic neon signs are The Silver Slipper Hotel and Casino (designed in 1961 and lasted until 1988), the sign Stardust Hotel and Casino (which lasted between 1958 and 2007) and the neo sign The Golden Nugget Club (which It lasted approximately approximately 1991. In its original format, the Golden Nugget Casino still exists and has been used in five films, including "Diamonds Are Forever" and "Casino", in addition a television series. "Neon sign in Reno. It received neon lighting in 1939. The iconic giant neon sign" Route 66 "can be found at the National Museum of Route 66 at Elk City, Oklahoma.

Las Vegas is the largest neon sign in the world, which exceeds 77,000 square feet. It is owned by the Hilton Hotel Corporation. With a price of almost $ 9 million, it could also be called the most expensive neon sign in the world. Las Vegas and Times Square are easily qualified as neon-only showcases in America due to the amount of neon signage and the millions of visitors they get annually.

The neon sign technology was developed in 1675 in France, even before electricity was discovered. Georges Claude made the first neon sign in Paris in 1910. Even so, it was not until 1912 when the first neon poster appeared in the Paris barbershop. In 1923, Anthony Earle, a car dealer from Los Angeles, took two of them with the name of Packard. According to some sources, the prices paid were $ 2,500, $ 5,000 or $ 24,000. Times Square won its first, Willys-Overland in 1924, but Las Vegas did not get its first neon poster, Caf Oasis Home, until 1929. Moscow & # 39; s Puskin Square received Russia and its illuminated poster, in 1989, which announced a popular soft drink.

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