Oklahoma State Fair Fair Arena


Oklahoma City’s Fair Fair Arena, Oklahoma City is a multi-faceted arena located in the public square of Oklahoma State. It is called the “Great House” and can accommodate 10,944 people. It is the third largest multi-purpose space in the Ford Center and the Cox’s Convention Center after Oklahoma City. At the time of its opening, the building had the largest roof of its kind in the world and was then renamed the Nor James Norick State Fair after the then mayor of OKC.

From 1965 to 1977, the OKC’s Grand House was a franchise of the Central Hockey League in Oklahoma City, Blazers, as well as hosted by the State High School Basketball Playoffs. Oklahoma State Fairgrounds is currently hosting horse races, rides and equestrian events, while both the State Fairgrounds and the Grand House serve as storage facilities for sporting events and concerts.

Fair State Park was OKC, where the 2008 equestrian season came to an end. Thanks to the excellent equestrian facilities, it is a favorite place for horse shows and continues to be known as the “World Horse Show”. The multi-cultural arena is also a huge annual fair. The 2009 edition of the fair was highly anticipated, as were previous editions of the event, and will be held in Park City on September 21-27.

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