Braums glacier


There is no better way for you to feel the fluidity of the movement than to go to the top of the ice. Never freeze on ice is one of the most popular winter treats ever. Oklahoma City has its residents and visitors who pass through the city, Braums Ice Skating Rink. Opening in front of the Civic Center Music Hall in December at the Grand Lagoon, the Braum Glacier is one of Downtown OKC’s major additions.

Measuring 62 feet by 150 feet, the rink is easily classified as one of the largest south-west outdoor rides. It also means that the new skating rink is bigger than last year. This was the huge popularity of the earlier version, which prompted the creation of a larger skating rink this year. This year, the additions include a larger accommodation for guests. A larger skating rink will help skiers demonstrate their moves. Shiny new skating rinks are also available for participants, from young children to adults.

The cost of renting a two-hour session and skates is $ 8. If you bring your own skates, you’ll only be charged $ 5. Updates on Braum’s ice cafe include coffee, soda, hot cocoa, hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream. Visitors can enjoy the action on the rink with their friends and family. Group tickets are offered for private parties. The rink is open from noon to 10 pm every day from November 23 to January 1, and the holidays are not closed.

The skating rink is also close to the major hotels that provide cargo transportation to and from the city. Braums Ice Rink is just one of the many venues in the city of Oklahoma since the December celebrations. Others include the OGE Garden Lights in Miyadi Botanical Gardens, the holiday lights, the Oklahoma City Hall Tree Festival in the Bricktown Canal, and more.