How to start, run a profitable castle, play an inflatable rental business?



Renting brittle castles and other inflatable benches for children’s parties is a big housework that will be full-time or part-time, and the profit can be as high as the fun element. You own the business and all the equipment, you don’t have to pay any patent fees or patents. For example, working only three high-rise castles on weekends, with half a day’s worth of ԱՄՆ 55 (US $ 88) per gasoline brings about 3 330 ($ 5,528) a week, or more than 1. 1,300 ($ 2,080) during the week. . With an estimated cost of around: 300 ($ 480) per month, this leaves more than 1000 1,000 ($ 1,600) in profits. Not bad for just a few hours of work.

Children have birthdays every day of the year. In the summer and fall, their parents can rent a high-rise castle for the back garden or yard. In winter and spring, parents can rent a community hall for parties and upstairs.

You don’t have to give up your full-time job to run a successful castle rental business, just as you don’t need a large capital investment. This article will show you how to start your own home-based business with a great deal of experience with your home.

1: Research:

When thinking about starting a high-end castle rental business, the first thing to do is search all of your local newspapers (classified sections), yellow pages, and online searches. See if there’s anyone in your city who advertises a business to rent a stinking castle. If you notice a regular advertiser, don’t hesitate. There is still room for you. In most cities, the demand for tall castles exceeds their supply, especially during the summer months. You will have a very clear idea of ​​the competition in your area. Companies competing in the busy area will often transfer inquiries and even book other companies when they are too busy to make a reservation. If you are very lucky, there may be competitors in your area who are not working.

2. Necessary equipment.

Below is a list of equipment you need to start a high-rise castle rental business.

a) Tall castle, rain cover, electric air conditioner and anchor rods.

b) terrestrial sheet to protect under the temptation.

c) electric extension cable (25 – 30 m long).

d) RCD connection breaker. (security device)

e) Security carpet for installation in front of the castle.

f) seat or local street map of your city and its surroundings.

g) A4 large table diary for bookings (1 page per day).

h) curtain and curtain book for accounting of expenses, etc.

i) public liability insurance coverage. We strongly recommend one million pounds as an absolute minimum.

j) Security order sheet և customer’s refusal.

k) park trolley.

From experience, we recommend that your first tall castle be 12 feet tall. (3.6 m x 3.6 m) with 3 or 4 feet (about 1 meter) safety step at the front. This size is, in fact, the most common among customers, it is easy to handle and maintain, and when swollen, it fits in the back gardens and community halls.

There are many great companies selling high castles. Most new tall castles come with a one-year warranty, and some manufacturers offer a two-year warranty. Make sure the small repair kit is included in the price of your speaker.

If you have just purchased, make sure the inflatable liquid has a certificate stating that it was manufactured to a recognized Standard in January 2010. BS EN 14960: 2006 (Great Britain and Europe).

Use caution when buying an inflatable inflatable, as the seam on the seam will wear over time and can cause bedwetting. Take an experienced person with you who will know what to look for.

3. Where to buy customers?

Fortunately, babies are born every day of the year, so there is an almost endless supply of future customers. Many parents prefer to use the gardens with them or the local community hall to organize the parties. As well as private parties for children, there are a number of other places where you can rent your loudspeaker, for example. Bands, nurseries, taverns, hotels, post-school clubs, shopping malls, school fetters, car showrooms, shows and galas, charity events, football clubs, barbecues, beach parties, nightclubs, priestly parties, wedding receptions : guide groups, business promotion, open days, etc.

4. How to get reservations?

To get your first paycheck, I recommend doing the following: First of all, tell everyone that you know who has small children, that you have a high-rise castle for rent. Offer to let them rent at a discount if they are willing to tell all their friends and relatives.

Second, you need to place an ad in your local newspaper and your local yellow pages directory. This ad will attract inquiries, and providing your phone is polite and helpful, you can actually automatically make reservations.

You should also consider registering for free on Google Maps so that your potential customers can easily find you when they enter your city name and rent castles on Google’s search engine. (It’s a great idea to have a website, but you don’t have to have one for your company to be included in Google Maps for free).

Preliminary inquiries will be made in a few votes, and most callers want to know how much it will cost to rent a tall castle in the first place. how many children can use it at a time? Until what age group can use it? When a customer calls, the first question you should always ask is what time the party is. Second, ask what age the children will be. Armed with this information, you can offer the size of a stinking castle, 90% of the time it will be 12ft x 12ft tall. If the children are very young, ie 1 – 4 years old, it may be better to offer a smaller gasoline or even a shocking ball (a small semicircular brittle castle filled with colored plastic balls).

Tell the customer that you can deliver the castle, put it all together and collect it at the end of the party. Inform the customer that you will call them a few days in advance to confirm the delivery time and so on. This approach will help build trust with the customer, which will bring them back next time.

Always tell the customer that the price includes rain cover.

5. Advertising materials and directions.

It is very important to use the reservations of your first tall castle. For example, a parent just rented your luxurious castle for their son’s birthday party. You just took fifty-five pounds. But it doesn’t end there. There will be parents of other children at this party, and those kids will have birthday parties too, so you need to promote your company as much as possible. The best way to do this is to hand out A5 size flyers. It’s a good idea to have some business cards printed and issued.

Always remember that customer satisfaction is the number one priority. You really want their party to be successful and their children to have a really nice time. In this way, parents will probably advise you to hire their friends again and again.

6: Security:

Obviously with children, security is absolutely paramount. We strongly recommend that you provide your customers with a safety manual. We have created some templates for you. You can find a copy of it on the main page of the BIHA ​​website (see the link below). In addition, you should be familiar with the legal requirements and practice codes used for the operation of stinking castles. (See link to BIHA ​​website below!)

7. Basic accounting.

It is very important to keep track of all the money you receive. Of course, your expenses related to advertising, printing, fuel, phone calls, etc.

8: Expanding your business.

After you have your first few rents under your belt, you’re likely to start thinking about other types of inflatables that you can invest in, such as inflatable slides and tall balloons. Don’t forget that the corporate market can be very lucrative (for example, local councils and big companies in your city).

Good luck, and good luck.